Alterations and Refurbishment to 1832 house, Sunday’s Well, Cork

House refurbishment in Sunday’s Well, Cork


Project Complete!


Below are blogs from before and during the works.

This summer we are completely renovating and altering a house that dates from 1832 in Sunday’s Well in Cork. With spectacular views over the city and a stunning garden, this project is an architect’s dream


Existing house

Existing house

Works planned include

– working closely with Ecological Building Systems to use appropriate specification and application of wood fibre internal breathable airtight insulation

– complete rewiring and heating system overhaul

– altering internal layout to create related and properly scaled living spaces

1324 3xxx detail design


Site visit 9, 6th October

Kitchen is being installed, we are about to start painting, over the next three weeks the project will be completed! All is going well. Insulation to attics installed neatly, tiling started. Enjoy!



Site visit 8, 17th September

A lot of plasterboarding and preparation of floors for finishes is underway. The shelf detail which unites the dining and living space is taking shape. A huge amount of client decisions to be made on materials and finishes, stoves etc. Six weeks left to completion! Plumbing first fix nearly done. Electrics almost done.


Site visit 6, 28th August

Munster Joinery Triple glazed windows are installed and a lot of the Gutex thermoroom internal insulation is complete giving a nice airtight seal to the new window installations.  Plasterboarding is proceeding and this project has turned the corner, it is down hill all the way from here. Great views over the city are really appreciable and we are almost completely closed up again.


Site visit 5, 13th August

We are about to received the triple-glazed passivhaus certified windows, so the old ones are being ripped out. The wood-fibre dry lining insulation is well progress and being correctly installed. A minor remedial detail to joist penetrations will be carried out.


Site visit 4, 30th July

The contractor has started applying plasterboard linings to all the changed and repaired walls and ceilings.

Electrical first fix is complete. Mechanical first fix starting.

Site visit 3, 16th July

The walls are lime plastered in anticipation of application of Gutex Thermoroom drylining. A vented damp barrier has been installed behind. This will resolve the rising damp and allow the wall to breathe and remain dry.  Rotten timbers have been replaced.

Site visit two, 2nd July

The last of the new steelwork and demolition is complete. We now can appreciate the exceptional views the new dining and kitchen areas will have over the city.

Site visit one, 17th June

Here’s a taste of some of the issues to be looked at. Thankfully we carried out an indepth survey of the building including bringing in a contractor to carry out opening up works, asbestos survey, damp and woodworm survey so most of these issues are already planned for.

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