Paul McNally Ecological Architecture has extensive expertise and experience in the domestic architecture. A Cork – based practice, our services are focused in the Munster region, but we also have a substantial client base in Dublin and do cover the other major cities.

Paul has 14 years experience of designing dwellings of all kinds. We can design one-off standalone houses, extensions to and refurbishments of existing buildings, or multiple units. Paul has a Masters Degree in advanced energy and environmental architecture, meaning expert knowledge over and above the average architect in relation to how to safely increase the insulation levels of buildings without compromising their ability to deal with water vapour and moisture.

We will organise WUFI calculations to ensure the correct materials are used in the correct locations.

We do in-house U-value and Thermal Bridge calculations.

Follow these links to see examples of the most recent and relevant examples of the above;


Energy upgrades of existing buildings

One-off houses

Multiple unit dwellings

Apartment design




braemor road




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