Office Building Design

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Office Building Design

Looking for advice on procuring a new office building? Want to maximise net to gross floor area? Want an office product that will attract tenants in a competitive market?

How will your building set you apart from the noise of typical office buildings? Paul McNally Ecological Architect has designed many office projects for clients such as Treasury Holdings Ltd, North Tipperary Green Enterprise Park Ltd and many others before setting up this practice 8 years ago. We know that

  • naturally ventilated offices lead to higher user comfort, less sick days and higher productivity and staff retention
  • conventional air-conditioning in offices is a thing of the past. We replace these costs with good design, to give well ventilated, low-energy, comfortable buildings that are a fraction of the cost to run, meaning lower landlord overheads, more profit
  • low energy buildings are commanding a higher rent and have higher occupancy rates
  • businesses want to improve their corporate images, everyone wants to be seen to be green. This should start with your premises

Talk to me today for a free, no obligation exploratory review of your needs and opportunities.

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