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 Certified Passive House Designer

Paul McNally is a certified Passive House designer, as certified by the PassivHaus Institut in Germany. We have completed certified passive house buildings and are about to complete Ireland’s first certified PassivHaus pharmacy in Clonmel.

aerial view of passive house    

What is a Passive House?

Want an introduction to the passive house concept? – take a look here at this article.

Essentially, a passive house is a building that;

  • is so energy efficient is uses about 1/10th the energy of a conventional building
  • you save typically E1,000 to E2,500 per year on heating costs (can equate to 10% off your total annual sum of mortgage plus heating costs!)
  • is completely draught-free
  • always warm
  • fresh clean air
  • reduced noise infiltration
  • you can open the windows at any time!

How Much Does a Passive House Cost?

  • it costs 0% to 8% more to build, depending on your site, house size and design needs. But the payback is more than worth it.
  • I will prepare a cost comparison for your building to allow you to make an informed decision
Call me today 021 2429455 for a no-commitment cost planning report!

Your reduced energy costs should offset the additional capital cost repayments, and you have a more valuable asset, energy cost security, a more comfortable house for ever and knowledge that you have done the right thing for the environment.


See below for examples of our recent and current passive house projects;

PassivHaus at Cloughjordanballinteer

Certified PassivHaus at Ballinteer

PassivHaus Pharmacy and Apartment

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